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    Two of the most tested topics in any entrance exam are Combinatorics and Probability. Don’t you want to know the logic behind all the problems that deal with this topic? Aren’t you interested in knowing all the shortcuts that will save you a ton of time in your exams and school works?Our Combinatorics and Probability Course is divided into 2 sections: Combinatorics and Probability

    Combinatorics section contains lectures on:

    1.The meaning of “OR” and “AND”

    2.Arranging Groups

    3.Arranging Groups with Repetition

    4.Multiple Groups

    Probability section contains lectures on:

    1.How to Calculate the Numerator and Denominator Separately

    2.More than 1 Event: “OR” and “AND”

    3.Probability(Success) + Probability(Failure) = 1

    4.Applying the Principles of Probability

    5.A TRICK for Solving Probability Problems FASTER

    For all the two sections there are 5 questions that we solve using the processes described in our lectures. Please note that all these lectures are prepared and designed in the way to help you in school and GMAT, GRE, SAT, and YOS Examinations. All the lectures tend to show tricks that can help you save as much time as possible when entering an exam. Please use these lectures as a guide on how to solve Math problems and do not forget to practice as much as possible on each subject.




    1 Weeks

    1. Combinatorics

    • 1. The meaning of "Or" and "And" View
    • 2. Arranging Groups View
    • 3. Arranging Groups with Repetition View
    • 4. Multiple Groups View

    1.b. Combinatorics - 5 Questions

    2. Probability

    • 1. How to Calculate the Numerator and Denominator Separately View
    • 2. More than 1 Event: "And" and "Or" View
    • 3. Probability(Success) + Probability(Failure) = 1 View
    • 4. Applying the Principles of Probability View
    • 5. A Trick for Solving Probability Problems Faster View

    2.b. Probability - 5 Questions